L’ATELIER exporte aujourd’hui son savoir-faire. Notre expertise en architecture bioclimatique et notre démarche éco-responsable nous ont permis de développer plusieurs projets à l’étranger (Myanmar, Maurice, Mayotte, Tanzanie, Qatar…).

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First tertiary real-estate complex in Reunion to receive HEQ certification.

This complex is intended to host tertiary and commercial activities. The architectural scheme describes two separate buildings arranged around a central patio : thanks to their independant operating, project management may decide for each property to be rented out or sold.logo-hqe-kerveguen-nf-certivea_batiments-tertiaireshqe_cs3-01 The project received the French HEQ certification for new tertiary buildings under the Planning and Design phase, with an additional application of French Overseas Departments standards.

The companies responsible to carry out the work will also be required to use products which comply with HEQ certification (technical sperformance, quality…) by Certivéa.

Bioclimatic architecture

Solar protection on all façades

The design of the facades is based on two essential thrusts : • create unity within the building and establish an identity • be highly effective in terms of solar protection by providing a great view and an optimal solar protection on all exposed facades, so that thermal confort can be enhanced and air conditioning restricted.

These moving parts can be easily operated by users from their office, providing both horizontal (northern sunlight) and vertical protections (low east and west sun rays). Made of aluminium, they offer a greater sustainability and do not require heavy maintenance costs. • On north, east and west-facing facades, outdoor solar protection such as louvered shutters will be used, with one out of two being fixed : opaque walls can then be steadily protected, as well as woodwork according to needs. • On the south-facing facade, fixed louvered shutters on opaque walls and clear interior blinds for woodwork are to be used.

Effective ventilation

According to the occupancy of the building, needs of natural air change will be met thanks to a dual-flow mechanical ventilation. The equipment will be set up on the technical roof and safely protected from the covering. A free-cooling mode (by-pass on fresh air) enables a passive cooling, greatly helping to improve comfort in summertime.

Preserved natural light, efficient artificial light

Its large glass area maximizes natural light penetration.

Free space for plants

The patio is an integral part of the project : it will create between the two buildings a shaded and quiet green place for occupants, providing fresh air thanks to plants evapotranspiration . This revegetation will also help reduce heat islands and serve as an opportunity to promote biodiversity enhancement. Particular care is taken with regard to choosing native plant species which are suited to the local climate and non-allergenic. This patio is an extension of urban space. It provides a quiet environment in a place where traffic noise is significant.

Promoting soft mobility in the neighborhood

The project location provides a direct connection with a nearby bus stop, encouraging to use this means of transport.

Hidden and shaded parking space

Required outdoor parking space is located under the building, being protected from winds and out of sight thanks to the louvered shutters. It ensures maximum user comfort with its full shading.

Olfactory comfort and air quality

Mechanical ventilation of the building will be achieved through air-handling units located on the roof. Collected far from urban pollution, the fresh air injected into the building will help limit air pollution within the premises. Air filters will also be placed. Ventilation airflow in each space area will at least equal to the required sanitary airflow. The ventilation will be restarted by the technical room every morning about 2 hours prior to the occupants going in. Materials which generate carcinogenic particules or fibres are strictly prohibited.

TYPE OF OPERATION:New construction
SURFACE:8 500 Sqm

Lead architect


L'ATELIER architectes + ICR Ingénierie Concept Réunion + COTEL + AR-C + ETAMINE

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