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Kings Dock, Liverpool

The combination of buildings and landscape at its edge, make the Kings Dock an exception amongst the Waterfront. A site which completes the great challenge of the renovation of the City of Liverpool.

Informations du projet

The Masterplan’s ambition is to create a new type of public space, a real place of life, one that is open, attractive, sustainable, and lies between both the built and the natural. Thus, the Kings Dock is organized around a project of multiple renovations, addressing the urban, the architectural, the landscape and the social, taking into consideration both the emblematic value and complexity of the site. The project creates a new dialogue between the River Mersey, the Kings Dock basins and the City of Liverpool and the heart of the dock is treated with porosities to connect the central public space with the dynamics of the city center. To re-imagine the site in a spirit of continuity but also renewal, the proposal responds to three important themes:
  1. Open and Connect the Site
  2. Share and Densify the Site
  3. Innovate and Control Costs and Deadlines

The Kings Docks Scheme proposes a mixed use development across 58.000m² to re-activate and regenerate Liverpool’s Waterfront life.

Around 1000 m² of floor area, with terraces generously landscaped at the edges of the Wapping Dock. Providing an activity center for both leisure and commercial use, offering good quality of life to the inhabitants of Liverpool, and to the visitors to the site. The brasserie is strategically positioned at the intersection of the new pedestrian-bike bridges that connect the Kings Dock to the city center and the central axis linking to the shopping mall and Arena.

The residential buildings follow a modular system to provide efficient organization of the building’s plan, both to provide a variety of apartments typologies but also to consider each building in relation to the public space. They offer roughly 18,000 m² of built floor area with around 16,500 m² of livable space, not including outdoor space and/or terraces. All apartments are oriented so as to avoid overlooking views. The loggias protect from both wind and rain and offer porous facades with planting terraces.